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USL launched its first service in the Transpacific in late 2003, offering a fixed-day, weekly schedule to Long Beach from two of Asia s largest loadports, Shekou and Hong Kong. In the spring of 2005, USL extended its scope to include Vietnam, offering service between Hong Kong and Ho Chi Minh City, with transhipment to California over its Hong Kong hub. In June of 2006 USL announced a major expansion of its Pacific services by introducing new fixed day independent southbound sailings directly between Los Angeles and Australia/New Zealand, and new westbound services from New Zealand to Australia, and also new Northbound services from both New Zealand and Australia to Hong Kong/South China and North America. In December of 2007, USL was purchased by ANL Singapore, a subsidiary of the CMA CGM Group. This transaction immediately allowed USL to benefit from the tremendous resources, network, and cost structure of its parent company and significantly expand its own scope of services.

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